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The Verge of Cliche is the embodiment of the seven overall emotions i express that happen to be characters that fit well into a pretty good plot, only if your willing to take the time and read it. -Lane

Comics - Eternity

Not a Vampire!D:/

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Creator's Comments:

LaneCornell, Sat 09 Oct 2010:03 pm (Reply)
~Secret~ - Alecia's Secret: Alecia's heritage contained a special curse that originally made the host live forever to endure eternal pain, but, there was a loop-hole. If the curses host were to actually live past 305 years since their 13th Birthday, their curse is lifted. As of now, Alecia's curse has been around for 304 years. You'll love the ending to this chapter cackle cackle cackle~~ Advertisement, Tue 22 May 2018:30 am (Reply)

Reader's Comments

Superstar555, Sun 10 Oct 2010:13 pm (Reply)
Interesting! - What an interesting secret! Very nice! Keep up the good work!

Shadow9554, Mon 11 Oct 2010:33 pm (Reply)
Different - Nice comic i thought the secret would be that she had some sort of amazing fighting skill that could wipe out an entire army

Moonwalker6641 (Guest), Thu 21 Oct 2010:36 pm (Reply)
????Dude, what the crap. - This doesn't make sense.Edan was totally f***ed up.

LaneCornell, Sat 23 Oct 2010:34 pm (Reply)
@MOONWALKER6641 - STRIKE 1. Sorry, even though you censored it, it's still bad.

Moonwalker6641 (Guest), Tue 18 Jan 2011:10 pm (Reply)
OOPS! - My sinccierest apologize.

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