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The Verge of Cliche is the embodiment of the seven overall emotions i express that happen to be characters that fit well into a pretty good plot, only if your willing to take the time and read it. -Lane

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Creator's Comments:

LaneCornell, Tue 12 Oct 2010:59 pm (Reply)
Chapter 2 End - Thanks for sticking with me this far and giving me Support! And here are a few things that i want to inform you on:
-->Panel-14:SOLAR PASS
-->Panel-15:SOLAR DEATH
~ referring to the sun~
Also if you could;
-->Please Rate comics old or new
-->Comment if needed
-->Tell people about me!
Thanks for the supreme niceness! Advertisement, Tue 22 May 2018:35 am (Reply)

Reader's Comments

Shadow9554, Wed 13 Oct 2010:37 pm (Reply)
Nice - That kid must think he died and went to heaven

Superstar555, Wed 13 Oct 2010:49 pm (Reply)
Marvelous! - Great work once again! Happy Birthday Alecia! Keep it up man!:D

Moonwalker6641 (Guest), Thu 21 Oct 2010:43 pm (Reply)
huh??? - weird ending.

LaneCornell, Sat 23 Oct 2010:36 pm (Reply)
:D - Cant say nuthin nice? Either Don't comment. Or GTheckO

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