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The Verge of Cliche is the embodiment of the seven overall emotions i express that happen to be characters that fit well into a pretty good plot, only if your willing to take the time and read it. -Lane

Comics - ch.3 pg:21


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Creator's Comments:

LaneCornell, Thu 02 Dec 2010:30 pm (Reply)
Your Welcome! - This is a special made comic to introduce the main Cast for the Fillers who are;

Nadia the goth cat, Jose the squirle, Grant the Doberman, Rickey the Tiger, Star The Golden Cat, and Bre'anna the Fox.

Along with them are the 2010 Character Draft who are;

Shiroha Inuka(Hiro) Sedric's 21 year-old cousin, Elliot(Ell) Alecia's 21(326)year-old Cousin, and Kuroshiro Kiene(Shiro,Ro)A 12 year-old Dragon who befriends Nadia, Star and Bre'anna.

Happy Belated Thanks Giving!! Advertisement, Tue 22 May 2018:33 am (Reply)

Reader's Comments

Superstar555, Fri 03 Dec 2010:02 pm (Reply)
OMG! - OMG! They look so AWESOME! Im so xcited! Fantastic work! Keep it up dude!:D

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