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The Verge of Cliche is the embodiment of the seven overall emotions i express that happen to be characters that fit well into a pretty good plot, only if your willing to take the time and read it. -Lane

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Stranger Danger! Has DARE taught you nothing?

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Creator's Comments:

LaneCornell, Sun 19 Sep 2010:55 am (Reply)
Wednesdays - WAIT! Before you ask, The update for Wednesday might or might not show up. Due to some technical difficulties(out of pencils) I cant guarantee that there will be a page 3 on Wednesday till the problem is solved. If there wont be an update, i'll post a filler comic instead. Advertisement, Tue 22 Oct 2019:45 am (Reply)

Reader's Comments

Superstar555, Fri 24 Sep 2010:57 pm (Reply)
Cool! - You weren't kidding! Your comics do get better and better! This is pure INSANITY! Great job buddy! Keep it up!:D

Nawa C. (Guest), Mon 27 Sep 2010:17 pm (Reply)
Editor - Use PhotoShop tools like i told you! Either way its better than the first.

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